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RaceMill is committed to being the low cost race registration provider to racers and race directors.
RaceMill fees are based on a simple and transparent system - in other words, we don't tell you the price is $1 and then add a bunch of fees to your participant's bill.

Here's how it works:

If your race is free, then we don't charge processing fees

Race Fee Breakdown

  • Event registration $50 and below have a flat $3 processing fee. 
  • Every $25 above $50 adds $1 to the processing fee.

*All fees include Credit Card Processing

Fees can be paid by the racer as an add on to the entry fee, or the processing fee can be included in the gross entry fee.
If a Race Director builds the processing fee into the total race cost, the processing charge will be taken out of the proceeds sent to the race director.


Fees paid by the racer:

Entry Fee: $50
Race Cost plus Processing fee: $50 +$3 = $53
Race directors collect: $50 per entry.

Fees paid by the race director:

Entry Fee: $150
Processing fee: $7 
Race directors collect: $143 per entry.

We dare you to compare our costs!

Race Mill's Top to Bottom Guarantee:

We stand behind everything we do at . If you are not satisfied with your experience let us know, we will work with you to make things right.
(Race Mill's guarantee doesn't cover returning Credit Card processing charges as those are not within our control).

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