Why RaceMill.com

Our birth and why we're here

Our Birth

We set out to create a hub for Event Hosting, Registration, Training and Nutrition for endurance sports. Race Director's can easily create a page for their event, painlessly process registration, utilize a robust reporting system and post event coverage. Racers enjoy an image driven site that doesn't cost a small fortune to sign up and where you can learn more about the things you care about.

Keeping all of that in mind we have created RaceMill.com and hope you like it.

What We Do


As a racer, it's hard enough to find enough time to train, eat right, and rest, let alone have time left over to whittle away hours on the internet looking for race registration. We've streamlined the process so you can spend more time in the water, on the road, or recovering from speedwork, and less time staring at the screen.

Race Directors:

We know your time is a valuable resource. If you are new to online registration, we're convinced once you try RaceMill.com, there's no going back to opening hundreds of envelopes, entering data into spreadsheets, or running to the bank with a stack of checks to deposit.

In fact, RaceMill.com is the easiest way for you create online registration for your event with only a few clicks of the mouse. If you want to customize your registration forms and market your event, you can do that too, with an easy process that flows from step to step.

If you have tried another service, I think you'll find that for all that RaceMill.com offers, you're going to be surprised with our low cost structure.

Don't have time to create a custom race website? RaceMill.com not only allows you to create your event and process registration in minutes, but you can market your event and share it on Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. With Ad-share, we'll even give you a portion of the advertising revenue your event generates for RaceMill.com. If you have loyal sponsors you want to reward on your page, we have created that option for you as well. With clean, trackable logos and analytics.

RaceMill.com is about a team approach. Every racer, every race director, and every writer and photographer are part of our team. After all, what is a community without fellow community members? Welcome to the team; we think you will like what you find here. Thanks for joining and reading our story, feel free to share your story with us!


Brogan and Kyle