Duplicating Your Event

The quick way to duplicate your event

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FAQ: Event Directors | Costs

How much does it cost to list an event on RaceMill.com?

FAQ: Event Directors | Creating a Director Profile

Building your USER page as an Event Director

FAQ: Event Directors | Event Analytics

How do I see the analytics for my event?

FAQ: Event Directors | Event Registration Roster

How do I see who has registered for my event?

FAQ: Event Directors | Getting Paid

How do I get paid when someone registers for my race?

FAQ: Event Directors | Updating my Event

How do I log in and update my event?

FAQ: Event Directors | Uploading Results

How do I input race results to RaceMill.com?

FAQ: Finding Results

Getting your Results!

FAQ: How do I QUIT RaceMill.com

Removing your RaceMill.com User Account

FAQ: Refunds

Submit all refund questions to the individual Event Directors

FAQ: Creating a Profile

Creating and populating your user page to speed up registrations

FAQ: Credit Card Security

How we keep your private information private

FAQ: Finding Events

Tracking down the events you want quickly

FAQ: Sign up

Signing up on RaceMill.com

FAQ: Using a Promo Code

Promotions codes are here to save you money!


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