Duplicating Your Event

The quick way to duplicate your event

The good news is that there is ONLY one EXTREMELY difficult part...
You have to remember the Password for your Account!  That is all!
Ha!  Good luck!  I hope you wrote it down!
Here we go: 

1.  Login with the same Username/Password as last year
2.  Click through the basic information on each card
3.  ***LAST CARD*** "Select a Race Model"  Pick "YOUR LAST EVENT NAME" from the pulldown list!
4.  Click "Make Event"
This will create the new event with the same structure, details, classes, etc as last years.

This duplication should get you 90% complete. If you need to edit you will do that in the next phase.  

You will just have to finesse things like:
Registration window dates
Categories:  Only if you have details that need to be changed like prices or ages.
Event Details (All sections are attached as word docs)
Custom Questions (attached word doc)
Volunteers (turn that on if you want)
Social feeds
***Don't forget to SAVE each tab before moving to the next one!***