FAQ: Using a Promo Code

Promotions codes are here to save you money!

I have a coupon code for RaceMill.com, how do I use it?

  1. LOG IN to RaceMill.com
  2. Find the EVENT you want to register for
  3. Click the blue REGISTER button to the right of the Event Title
  4. Fill in the necessary required registration information
  5. Enter your credit card details [be careful not to hit the space bar! Extra spaces will not all processing]
  6. PROMO code field is the last one!
  7. Enter your PROMO code
  8. Accept the terms and Conditions
  9. Hit save!
RaceMill.com will validate the PROMO code and apply the percent discount or credit to your total and will reduce the amount that you are charged.

Mind blown!

Happy Racing!