10Qs W John Hansen

UCDavis Tri Coach

Directors Corner w/ UC Davis Tri's Michael Brooks

UC Davis Aggiethlon Race Director

Passport Series W/ Jeremie Showa

UC Davis Triathlete


UC Davis Triathlete


UC Davis Triathlete

Passport Series: Kelly Kosmo

UCLA Triathlete

The Road To Nationals with Andrea Núñez-Smith

This Austonian keeps it fast and weird

The Road To Nationals with Cameron Djokovich

So you’re telling me there’s a chance!

The Road To Nationals with Christina Yang

Eat well (food is fuel!), stretch often, and smile :)

The Road to Nationals with Colin Chapman

Peaking for Nationals

The Road To Nationals with Dmitry Baer

If you have a positive mind, you can achieve the unwilling

The Road To Nationals with Erin Swiatek

The spirit of triathlon is about being a healthy individual in ALL aspects of your life

The Road To Nationals with Grant Crist

Black and gold until you are cold and old

The Road To Nationals with Lacey Schauwecker

Fueled by a belief that I can get better!

The Road To Nationals with Mike Meehan of Penn State

100% committed to getting better

The Road To Nationals with Rebecca Peer

train like you mean it, you will undoubtedly see results

The Road To Nationals with Emily Halaka

We're tough, we're girls! and I love it!

The Road To Nationals with Kerry Martin

Wake Forest PHD Triathlete

The Road To Nationals with Lily Clarke

The Fear chasing, chocolate milk fueled triathlete

The Road To Nationals with William Krakow

This Tar Heel swims like a swimmer, bikes like a cyclist and runs like a runner!

The Road To Nationals with Brody Stofflet

Virginia Maryland Triathlete

The Road To Nationals with Kelsey Noll

UNC PHD Triathlete who is fastest in black and neon

The Road To Nationals with Bryan Hancock

USC Tri's Dark Horse talks nationals!

The Road To Nationals with Emma McCune

UCLA Triathlete about her transition to Tri and what keeps her going

The Road To Nationals with Ernest Mantell

ASU Triathlete talks closing out his first year and finishing well at USAT Nationals

The Road To Nationals with Josh Pryor

UC Davis Triathlete talks shop

The Road To Nationals with Bradley Rava

USC Triathlete talks mental fortitude and fun!

The Road To Nationals with Ella Charon

USC Fine Arts Sophomore talks shop

The Road To Nationals with Derek Vanstone

Wisconsin Triathlon's President shows us both sides of the coin: Sarcasm & Sport

The Road To Nationals with Julianna Falzon

NCSU Senior talks Tri and life after it!

The Road To Nationals with Erich Groezinger

Miami Ohio Triathlete

RaceMill Collegiate w Boulders Dan Feeney

The Buff's hard working Nature Buff

RaceMill Collegiate with Zach Jaeger

UCLA Triathlon's work horse!

RaceMill Collegiate with Connor White

Texas Triathlon

Race mill PassPort Series: with Ariana Khu

Collegiate Triathlete at University of Texas at Austin

Directors Corner w/ Texas Tri's Kyle Polansky

Texas Triathlons new Race Director talks all things Bevoman

Director Corner w/ Cal Berkeley's Vincent Bartle

Race Director + Community = Success!

RaceMill Collegiate with Austin Hinson of CU

A modestly competitive human being

RaceMill Collegiate with Sarah Muench of ASU

Grad student, entrepreneur and defending champion

From the Track with Colorado Cycling

Colorado Cycling heads to the track at Nationals

RaceMill Collegiate with Katie Cartee of CU

Surgical and Sweet

From the Track with ASU Cycling

Heading to Collegiate Track Nationals

RM Paddle: 10Q's with Lachie Lansdown, 2015 Catalina Classic Stock Champ

Not many people can say they showed up to their first Classic and showed the local boys how it's done

RM 10Qs with DJ O'Brien

A family, a job, and more energy than just about anyone trying to catch her in the water

RM 10Qs with Max First

2014 Catalina Classic Champion

Playing in the Ocean for a Great Cause

Director's Corner with Iron Mike Race Director, Greg Urubru

#RMTraining Sweepstakes

Win Hurley | Nike DriFit Training gear for tagging #RMTraining in your pictures

RM Paddle: 10Qs w/Zeb Walsh

2013 Molokai2Oahu and Catalina Classic Champ, and he wields a sharp axe

2015 Women's Collegiate Triathlon Season

Scoring and Invitation Criteria

RM Paddle: Jay Wild

From the Beach to the Mountains and Back Again, He Does it All

RM Director's Corner with Dave Shotton, Cape2Cape Paddle

We have found the best paddleboard race on the East Coast and the man behind it

Directors Corner: Mike Murphy

The head of the South Bay Dozen talks shop, survival and success!

RM Paddle: Steve Shlens

Showing the Young Bucks How It's Done

RaceMill Collegiate: Jessica Bobeck

University of Colorado Cycling Team

RaceMill Collegiate: Katie Cartee

University of Colorado Cycling Team

RaceMill Collegiate: Noah Granigan

University of Colorado Cycling

RaceMill Collegiate: USA Cycling Nationals - Fort Lewis College Skyhawks

Team Director Dave Hagen Tells Us Why They're Still the Team to Beat

RaceMill Collegiate: USA Cycling Nationals - University of Colorado Cycling Team

CU Cycling Coach Jeff Winkler leads a deep squad to make some noise in Asheville, NC


Star-Studded Peloton to Feature Cavendish, Farrar, Gesink, Kittel and Sagan

RaceMill Collegiate: USA Cycling Nationals - UC Davis Aggies

The 4 Time National Champions are looking for some Top 10 individual finishes in Asheville this weekend

RaceMill Collegiate: USA Cycling Nationals - University of Arizona Wildcats

Team President Joey Iuliano tells us why Collegiate Cycling matters and what his team has done to prepare for Nationals

RM 10Q's with Triathlete Mark Tripp

Engineer by day, Professional Triathlete while the rest of us sleep

Colorado Triathlon

2015 USA Triathlon's Collegiate Overall Team Winner

Malibu DownWinder: The Most Soulful Paddleboard Race on the West Coast

Race Director Gary Fortune tells us about the roots of this Spring Classic

RaceMill Collegiate: Grant Crist of Boulder Tri

Wired to Compete

RaceMill Collegiate: Rachael Lenz of Boulder Tri

Slip-n-Slides at the finishline!

RaceMill Collegiate: Timothy Winslow of Boulder Tri

A man of few words but alot of focus

RaceMill Collegiate: Brittany Warly of Boulder Tri

A lifetime of focused activity channeled into an amazing Triathlete.

RaceMill Collegiate: Cole Bunn of Boulder Tri

Constant improvement drives competitiveness!

RaceMill Passport Series: Tyler Rodgers

Collegiate Triathlete

2015 Collegiate Triathlon Nationals Wrap Up

Collegiate Nationals puts the Team in Triathlon

USA Triathlon 2015 Collegiate Nationals Results

Colorado Buffaloes von Berg, Lenz Grab Individual Wins at Collegiate Club Nationals

2015 USA Swimming Open Water National Championships

Interview with Bryce Elser, USA Swimming

RaceMill Collegiate: Bryan Hancock of USC

The Challenge of Adventure

RaceMill Collegiate: Maddie Hirsch of Texas A&M Triathlon

Winning is the best feeling

RaceMill Collegiate: Michael Arishita of Texas A&M Triathlon

No secrets! Just hard work!

RaceMill Collegiate: Esther Walker of UCSD

RaceMill Collegiate: Carlie Pietsch of USC

The Final Dance

RaceMill Collegiate: Nick Noone of Boulder Tri

The purist. Nothing muffles his competitive drive.

Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals: Boulder

Big and Fast!

Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals: Texas A&M

Healthy and ready to rumble!

Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals: UCSD

Rolling a Conference Championship win to the Nationals stage

Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals: UNC

Happy but never Satisfied. UNC Tri heads to nationals with their eyes on the podium!

Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals: USC

Bringing their "A" game

RaceMill Collegiate: Nikki Peirtsegaele of UC Davis

RaceMill Collegiate: Emily Epperson of Iowa State

Working hard to play hard. Nationals Beware.

RaceMill Collegiate: Justin Jones of Iowa State Triathlon

Proof hard work improves performance

Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals: Cal Poly SLO

SLO leaves it all on the course.

Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals: Oregon State

OSU's 10 fastest are heading to Clemson and they are very healthy.

Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals: UC Davis

A team that is peaking at the right time!

RaceMill Collegiate: Kelly Kosmo of UCLA

She is a student.. but you can learn a few things from this accomplished Triathlete.

RaceMill Collegiate: John Mering of UCLA Triathlon

Getting primal with a licensed Elite UCLA triathlete

RaceMill Collegiate: Liz Noey of UCLA

USA Triathlon Collegiate National Champion 2014 heads back to Clemson for a repeat

Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals: Iowa State

Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals: Stanford

Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals: UCLA

2014 Nationals Runners Up look to take top honors at Nationals

USA Swimming Open Water National Championships

Top US Open Water Swimmers Will Compete for 4 Spots on the US Open Water Team

RaceMill Collegiate: Molly Supple of Arizona

Bringing her Tri Game back to Nationals!

RaceMill Collegiate: Claire Andrews of Texas

Texas Triathlete heads to Nationals

RaceMill Collegiate: Lewis Tsai of Texas

For the love of racing!

RM Collegiate: Josh Fowler of Arizona

U of A standout lets us know what keeps his feet going

Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals: Texas

Texas Triathlon Team heads to Nationals at Clemson

Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals: U of Arizona TriCats

TriCats are preped and ready to take on the field at Nationals!

RaceMill Collegiate: Katherine Velicki

Cal Berkely Triathlete

RaceMill Collegiate: Greg Harper

Cal Berkley Triathlete

Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals: Cal Berkeley

The Golden Bear Triathletes

Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals: Clemson University

Clemson Triathlon Club

RaceMill 10 Q’s with Triathlete Taylor “Speedy” Spivey

The 2014 NCAA Triathlon Champ, Ocean Lifeguard, and ITU Worlds Hopefull

RM Paddle: Knee Paddling Fundamentals

Part III: Lost at Sea - Paddleboarding Lessons Without Actually Getting Lost


Belly paddling - the foundation of all paddling technique and how you can do it better

RM Nutrition: 4 Ways To Use Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is one of the healthiest foods you can pile onto your plate

30th LA Marathon Hosts 2015 USA Track & Field Marathon Championship

Deepest Field in LA Marathon History Set for March 15 Race

USA Triathlon 2015 Age-Group Triathletes of the Year

Daniel Stubleski and Heather Lendway Earn Top Honors

RM Director’s Corner with Solvang Century Race Director Randy Ice PT, CCS

The Man Behind the Solvang Century Bike Ride since 1983

Lost at Sea

Paddleboard Lessons Without Actually Getting Lost


Fundraising, Overcoming Diversity, and Herculean Challenges Motivate Race Participants

How Not to Run an Endurance Race

Reprinted from the Big Bend Sentinel with permission from Sasha von Oldershausen

Director's Corner w/ Bill Escobar

Elite Sports California

RM 10Qs W/ Cyclist Jessica Cerra

Pro cyclist, Harmony Bar founder, Professional Cook and immune to the confines of time

RM 10 Q’s W/ Ultrarunner Krissy Moehl

Ultramarathoner and adventurer living life in motion

Catalina: A Magic in the Misery

Story reposted from Carter Graves: Life of a Waterwoman

10 Q's w/ Carter Graves

Gratitude from a humble champion

RaceMill 10 Q’s W/ Aimee Spector, Ocean Athlete

The South Bay's own Energizer Bunny and passionate Ocean of Hope fundraiser

RM Paddle: 5 Keys to the Catalina Classic

Your Guide to the Race of Your Life

RaceMill 10 Q's W/Brian Murphy

All Around Aquaman

RaceMill 10Q's w/ Micah Carlson

3X Dwight Crum Pier-to-Pier Ocean Swim Champ

RM Paddle: Jack Bark, Part II

RaceMill 10 Questions with Jack Bark

RM Paddle: 2014 Cline Mann Koolaupoko Paddleboard Race

Race Recap

RM Paddle: Jack Bark - From Tasmania to Canada and in between

Crossing Channels, Part I

Race Mill's 10 Q's w/ Logan Fielder

On and Off the Bike

RM Paddle: Molokai to Oahu's Founder Mike Takahashi

Part 1: Molokai to Oahu, The Roots of Race

RM Paddle: Team USA's Shane Scoggins Up Close and Personal

Our interview with Gaviota Coast's well travelled waterman

RM Director's Corner #1 - Greg Aden, Manhattan Beach Grand Prix

Meet the Race Director of one of the oldest Criterium Races in the US

Race Mill's 10 Q's w/ Erick Sobey

On and Off the Bike

RM Interview Series: Craig Hummer

Craig is the co-author of The Loyal Lieutenant, the story of George Hincapie

Bike Week LA meets the Tour of California

2 wheels is the way to go this week in LA

16 Weeks to Your Perfect Paddle Race

The Keys to Your PR

First American Since 1983 Wins the 2014 Boston Marathon

What a Comeback!

Is Doping in Cycling Changing?