Race Mill's 10 Q's w/ Logan Fielder

On and Off the Bike

Athlete that inspires you?

Jens Voigt. His style of racing to get into breaks and risk everything for the small chance that the attack will succeed. He is also a very loyal domestique and willing to put his nose into the wind for his teammates.

How many years have you been competing?

I started racing BMX when I was very young. I then moved onto mostly mountain biking till I moved to San Diego. I have been racing road and cyclocross for the last 6 years.

What fuels your competitiveness?

The desire to always be improving. If you're not moving forward, you're being passed. It is a fun and healthy hobby but losing is never fun.

Weekend trip... where to? what do you bring? Your car, your gear. Itemize it!

Weekend trips usually involve driving to NorCal (Clearlake, CA) to visit family and home to some of the best riding around. The dirty singletrack on Boggs Mountain is just as nice as the euro climbs up Big Canyon which means I need multiple bikes. Darn.

Everytrip home includes gear and bikes for a mountain bike ride and multiple road rides.

Spy Daft sunglasses w/ Happy Lens

Giant Propel

Giro Aeon Helmet

Headsweat to keep my bald head from burning


Razor headphones for listening to tunes or asking Siri to send messages to me

Stageone Kits

5" cuff Sockguy socks

Lake Cycling shoes

Garmin 1000

Garmin Virb (MTB)

Plenty of MRI EO2 Edge

Bag of Harmony Bars

Fizik saddle bag

Saris Freedom SuperClamp 2 bike rack (Made in USA)

Lone wolf or training companion? why?

Both. I enjoy training and riding solo because it gives me a chance to ride my pace and my own routes. Riding solo also allows me to get up as early as I want to ride. Group rides are great because you push yourself harder that you would if you were riding solo. Group rides are were I get that intensity needed for race days.

Pinnacle racing moment so far?

Pinnacle racing moment so far? My best moments on bike have been races that have seen my teammates have success. My good friend and training partner Brian Zink won the Cat 3 state crit championships which saw our team control the race from start to finish. Getting our sprinter Erick Sobey his first Pro1/2 win this year was a special moment. Personally, winning San Marcos GP a few years ago was pretty special.


I came to Spy a couple years ago because I loved what they stood for and the way they were involved in the local cycling scene, supporting what we love to do. That was the best move ever. Then they gave us the Fastest, Stiffest, Lightest bike I have ever rode in the Giant TCR Advanced. This year we are on their aero Propel frame which is even Faster. I can't say enough for the crispness and reliability of the Sram Red 22 we are on. The Zipp 303 Tubulars are fast and light and durable. The MRI Endurance products are the best thing ever used. I use everything on a daily basis. MRI Surge for pre-race. EO2 Edge during rides pairs perfectly with the Harmony Bars. Their parent company Natrols Sleep and Repair helps me sleep and recover along with the SKINS recovery tights. The kits were are in this year made by StageOne are by far the best looking kit in the peloton and the quality is 2nd to none. The Giro helmets have saved my life but look great when you're not crashing and my iPhone has my Razor headphones playing my favorite music. Can't thank our amazing sponsors enough…

What are you training for now?

I am training for the Belgian Waffle Ride 2015. After that, the Belgian Waffle Ride 2016....

Do you have a dream race you want to create?

I would love to create a stage race that includes all the cycling disciplines I enjoy: Road, Mountain, Cyclocross, Track, Enduro, and Downhill.  

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