RaceMill Collegiate: Noah Granigan

University of Colorado Cycling

Name Noah Granigan
Age   19
Hometown Cape May Court House, NJ
School  University of Colorado Boulder
Year in School  Freshman
Major/Program  Mechanical Engineering
Sport Cycling

CU Cycling’s Noah Granigan - this Freshman is all business.

RM: How many years have you been competing?
NG: This is my 10th year racing.

RM: How did you find your sport of choice?
NG: I am the 4th generation of cyclists in my family.

RM: What drives your competitiveness?
NG: The feeling when you win a race

RM: Athlete that inspires you? Why?
NG: Thinking of Joey Chestnut gets me going because he holds the records of eating 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes. That's pretty impressive.

RM: What/where is your favorite place to ride/train? What/Who will you bring 
NG: I like riding in the Colorado mountains. I usually bring my dog and a bag of hot dogs in case we get hungry.

RM: Group Training or do you prefer solitude? why?
NG: I like to mix it up so neither one gets old.

RM: Best result so far?
NG: 2nd- 2014 Junior National Road Race Championship

RM: What are you working on right now?
NG: I've been trying to get my stand-up comedy career off the ground lately.

RM: What are you training for now?
NG: My next big race is the U23 National Championships at the end of June in Truckee, CA.

RM: Training secrets? Care to share?
NG: If you're not crying, you're not trying.

RM: Do you have a dream race you want to create?
NG: I want to do something kinda like the Iditarod or Santa's Sleigh, but with people on bikes instead of dogs or reindeer pulling their master.  

Training Tracks: Favorite songs to train/race to?
TT Warm-Up Playlist
Mom's Spaghetti Remix- Eminem
Black Skinhead- Kanye West
Burn- Meek Mill
Power- Kanye West
Wretches & Kings- Linkin Park
Where the Hood At- DMX

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