RaceMill Collegiate with Sarah Muench of ASU

Grad student, entrepreneur and defending champion

We got to sit down with Sarah Muench this week to talk about what has been keeping her busy.  Simple things like Nationals, launching a business and defending her championship status.  Sarah has more drive in 1 gear than most have with either a Double or Triple setup. 

Hometown: Phoenix
School: Arizona State University
Year in School: Graduate Student
Sport: Cycling
Twitter/ twitter.com/clippedin
Instagram/ clipped_in
Facebook/ facebook.com/clippedinaz

How did you find Cycling?
I have always ridden my bike since I was a kid, but I had an amazing spin instructor who always talked about riding outside, so one day I bought a bike.

What drives your competitiveness?
My competitors, especially the University of Arizona

How many years have you been competing?

What/where is your favorite place to ride/train? What/Who will you bring (people, gear, food, etc)
I absolutely love riding to Tortilla Flat EOP (end of pavement) - it's one of the prettiest rides in Arizona. I would bring anyone who wants to go, along with some raspberry Hammer gel, Rbars and an Eliel custom kit.

Group Training or do you prefer solitude? why?
I prefer doing group rides, although my training plan most of the time isn't conducive to that. I like group rides because it just makes it more interesting.

Best result so far?
Southwest Collegiate Conference Championship 2015

What are you working on right now?
Right this moment I'm preparing for track nationals and about to go into off-season and base training.

What are you training for now?
Track nationals and next season

Training secrets? Care to share?
My secret weapon is my coach, Marilyn Chychota. Best coach you could have!

Do you have a dream race you want to create?
Yes - I would like a match sprint tournament on a crit course with riders sprinting after the last turn to the finish. I'd also settle for an NCC race in downtown Phoenix.

Training Tracks: Favorite songs to train/race to?
Hell is for Children - Pat Benatar

Thanks Sarah!  Let us know when you want to partner on either of your races.  We are ON BOARD!
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