RaceMill Collegiate: USA Cycling Nationals - UC Davis Aggies

The 4 Time National Champions are looking for some Top 10 individual finishes in Asheville this weekend

Bruno Suttles, President of UC Davis Cycling, is leading the charge into Asheville for the Aggies this week.  He took a few minutes out of the saddle to share what it’s like to be part of the 4 time National Champion UC Davis Cycling Team.
RM: UC Davis has the reputation of being one of the best cycling teams in the country.  Does this add extra pressure when you show up to race at Nationals?
BS: I think that usually being on the podium at nats year after year always adds pressure, both throughout the season and especially heading into nats this week. It’s one of those things where you know what it’s like to be on top and obviously we do everything we can to keep it that way and always try to do better. All of us here at Davis are pretty competitive people, academically and on the bike

RM: Who do you expect to be the toughest teams and individuals racing in Asheville?
BS: Of course Marian is always the team to beat now, so we will be watching them along with some of the other schools such as Fort Lewis. We race against Stanford every weekend during the season and they have a really strong team with a few very talented individuals so they have the potential to do very well this weekend.

RM: How does this squad compare to teams in the past? How many racers are going, what are your strengths?
BS: This year we unfortunately do not have the depth that we have had in the past. We are only sending 3 men to compete this weekend. However, hopefully we can have some individual performances on Friday and Saturday. We have Daniel Kosykh who was top 10 in the crit last year so hopefully he can get on the podium this year and try and do something in the road race. I will be looking at the road race on Friday and hope to be up there at the front and maybe a top 10.

RM: Do you feel the sport of College Cycling is growing with the rise in road cycling in the US? 
BS: I think cycling is growing as a whole and in Davis as well. Nationally you have a lot of young pros in the world tour like Talansky and they are pretty great role models for people trying to get into cycling. Every year our team gets larger and larger which is a great sign for the sport. Our team does our best to recruit the top local riders. We have had a few young riders come into the program who have been riding for a while and hopefully they can develop in our program.

RM: Tell us a little about what it's like to be part of such a strong program.
BS: It’s great to be on such a well known program. We get a huge amount of support from the community as they expect a lot of things. Our coach, Judd Van Sickle, is great at developing athletes and works very closely with our team. 

RM: Do you have any sponsors or special people you would like to thank?
BS: We have a few great sponsors we would like to thank. IRC Tires have been not only supplying the team with tires for the past couple years but have been supporting us in every way they can. Also Voler clothing has helped the team out for a number of years.

RM: Thank you and good luck in Asheville!
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