RM Paddle: 10Q's with Lachie Lansdown, 2015 Catalina Classic Stock Champ

Not many people can say they showed up to their first Classic and showed the local boys how it's done

RM 10Qs with DJ O'Brien

A family, a job, and more energy than just about anyone trying to catch her in the water

RM 10Qs with Max First

2014 Catalina Classic Champion

Playing in the Ocean for a Great Cause

Director's Corner with Iron Mike Race Director, Greg Urubru

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2013 Molokai2Oahu and Catalina Classic Champ, and he wields a sharp axe

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From the Beach to the Mountains and Back Again, He Does it All

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We have found the best paddleboard race on the East Coast and the man behind it

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Race Director Gary Fortune tells us about the roots of this Spring Classic

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Part III: Lost at Sea - Paddleboarding Lessons Without Actually Getting Lost


Belly paddling - the foundation of all paddling technique and how you can do it better

Lost at Sea

Paddleboard Lessons Without Actually Getting Lost

Catalina: A Magic in the Misery

Story reposted from Carter Graves: Life of a Waterwoman

10 Q's w/ Carter Graves

Gratitude from a humble champion

RaceMill 10 Q’s W/ Aimee Spector, Ocean Athlete

The South Bay's own Energizer Bunny and passionate Ocean of Hope fundraiser

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Your Guide to the Race of Your Life

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All Around Aquaman

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Race Recap

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