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In the spirit of summer and all things water, this week we’re shining the spotlight on lifeguard and ocean athlete Brian Murphy.  “Hollywood,” as he is affectionately known by his fellow surf racers and fans down under, is leading the team from LA County this week at the 50th United States Surf Lifesaving Association’s Lifeguard National Championships in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Brian is a multi-time Ironman, Paddleboard, and Overall Champion at the Lifeguard Nationals, and will be representing the US Team in France at the World Lifesaving Championships in September.  

Brian Murphy
Age: 31
Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA
International IronMan Surf Racing, Distance Paddleboard, Lifeguard, Actor, Director

Athlete that inspires you?
Craig Hummer - The first, and greatest US ironman to compete at the highest level. He is the definition of a legend in my eyes. Craig's work ethic was unparallelled.

How many years have you been competing?
I started competing as a lifeguard when I was 17, which makes it 15 years. My first United States Lifesaving Association National Champs were back in 2000 in San Diego. I never made it out of a single round in any discipline. But I had an absolute blast.

What fuels your competitiveness?
Well, I grew up with 3 older brothers. I think every youngest in their family is out to prove something. Haha! Currently, my competitiveness is driven by my pursuit of excellence. If I chose to do anything in this life, I will do it at my best. I have always been that way.

Weekend trip... where to? what do you bring? Your car, your gear. Itemize it!
Aspen. Fly in, rent a car. Bring my skis...both of them. And my best friend, wife.

Lone wolf or training companion? why?
I am the ultimate lone falcon. I have been for most of my competitive years. After training with the best athletes for several years in Australia, I learned what I needed to do to be at my best. Unfortunately in the US, it's next to impossible to find anyone who wants to swim 4 mornings a week and then meet up again every afternoon for a board or ski paddle. And then throw a couple dryland workouts in there too? Forget about it. The falcon flies solo.

Pinnacle racing moment so far?
The World Lifesaving Championships in Alexandria, Egypt in 2010. Leading a field of extremely talented individuals into the final swim leg of the ironman final. As expected I got destroyed in the swim. Ended up 4th.

JM Paddleboards, Quickblade Paddles, Hobie Polarized, Waterman's Applied Science

What are you training for now?
Currently I am training for the USLA National Lifeguard Championships in Virginia Beach, VA, August 7-9. After that, I am off to France to represent the United States as the captain of the USLA National Team in the World Lifesaving Championships,September 16-21.

Do you have a dream race you want to create?
YES. My understanding of the waterman is someone who has nearly mastered more than one discipline in the ocean. That term is thrown around a lot for events that test one skill. My ideal event: an ocean decathlon consisting of a swim, beach run, paddleboard, surf ski, OC1, and SUP.

Training Tracks: Favorite songs to train/race to?
No music for me. It's distracting. I trained myself not to listen to the voices in my head, but the sound of the water around me and the sound of my breath.  If I was listening to music, I could not race. The only exception was a recent gym session, in which I got swoll to the sweet sounds of America's greatest band...The Eagles.

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