RM 10Qs with Max First

2014 Catalina Classic Champion

Age: 25

Hometown: Manhattan Beach

Instagram.com/    @MaxFirst

RM: How many years have you been competing?   

MF: I’ve been paddling a total of 6 years. From 2010 to the present.

RM: Lone wolf or training companion?

MF: Training companion- for sure. Up until this year (2015), most of my training was lone wolf due to conflicting work schedules, etc. This year, Robert Parucha decided to join in on the fun. We have definitely pushed each other to become stronger paddlers!  It’s great to have a training partner to hold you accountable, as it can be very difficult to stay highly motivated throughout the duration of a long paddling season (Especially the early season, 5:30 AM paddles!)

RM: What fuels your competitiveness?   

MF: Self-improvement definitely fuels my competitiveness. The Catalina Classic is such a grueling race both mentally and physically, year-after-year. What continually brings me back is my love for the ocean and the challenge to continually push myself to get better. There really is no better feeling than accomplishing your goals and seeing your hard work pay off with success.

RM: Pinnacle racing moment so far?   

MF: Winning the Catalina Classic in 2014! ☺

RM: Who are your sponsors?   

MF: My biggest supporters/sponsors have been both my family and Joe Bark. Bark & Co. has provided continuous support and not to mention, the greatest boards to paddle on every year.

What are you training for now?

MF: Currently training for Catalina Classic this upcoming Sunday!

RM: Have you changed how you prepare for this year's race compared to what you have done in the past?  How?

MF: My training regiment in terms of mileage was almost identical to that of 2014. The biggest adjustment in prepping for this year’s race was having a partner to train with. Robert Parucha and I have been training and dueling it out with each other all season. Robert has really transformed into a great paddler and I’m really looking forward to battling it out with him in the channel just as we have done through the duration of the season!

RM: Training secrets? Care to share?

MF: No comment.  (sorry folks)

RM: Who do you think will be your top competition looking to dethrone you as the defending champ?

MF: Very fast and competitive field this year, the race will definitely be a grind till the very end! Canon Smith, Robert Parucha, Michael Pora, George Plsek, and Tod Robinson are all top contenders who will be looking to dethrone me!

RM: Do you have a dream race you want to create?   

MF: We need more distance races here in the South Bay. I would love to create a racing circuit here in the South bay in the near future!

RM: Training Tracks: Favorite songs to train/race to?


MGMT: Time to pretend

Empire of the Sun: Alive

The Naked And Famous: Young Blood

Passion Pit: Sleepyhead

Taylor Swift: Style

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