RM Paddle: 10Q's with Lachie Lansdown, 2015 Catalina Classic Stock Champ

Not many people can say they showed up to their first Classic and showed the local boys how it's done

Name Lachie lansdown

Age 19

Hometown Noosa Heads

Facebook.com/ Lachie Lansdown

Instagram.com/ Lachie_Lansdown

Not many paddlers can say they’ve won the most legendary paddleboard race on their first try.  Even less can say they did it when only a month before they found themselves sitting in the middle of the Kaiwi Channel between Molokai and Oahu, aka the “Channel of Bones,” wondering why they picked paddling as a sport.  Well we found the guy.  Meet Lachie Lansdown, a humble 19 year old kid from Noosa Heads, Australia who showed up, won, and did it all like it was just another day on the water.

RM: How many years have you been competing?

LL: I started racing as a nipper for Noosa when i was in Under 12s and have worked my way up from there so I’ve been racing sprint boards for a while. My first big Long Distance race would have been in 2012, a 16km paddle around Hamilton island in the Great Barrier Reef on a 10'6”. I’ve been hooked ever since.

RM: What fuels your competitiveness?

LL: I’m just competitive in general. I’m the guy who gets mad when somebody over takes me on the freeway.

RM: Tell us about an athlete that inspires you?

LL: I’ve never been the bloke in front all through my racing career I’ve always been the kid that gets picked 2nd or 3rd for teams. I was the kid who got 2nd in 8 races in a row to 8 different people in 1 season, so the people who I’ve always looked up to are the people who have been sitting right there but are not being noticed. I’ve always looked up to Hugh Dougherty - that bloke has got more 2nds than anyone i know. I think i was just as stoked as he was when he won the board at aussies. Also I’d say some of my best mates inspire me - Lincoln Dews, Jack Bark, Macca Hynard - great guys, better athletes.

RM: Weekend trip... where to? what do you bring?

LL: I would love to take a few mates to Northern NSW and Trek up and down the coast Chasing surf. I love that area from Brunswick and Byron Bay through to Yamba the amount of uncrowded breaks is crazy. Id take a van and just park on the side of the road to camp. Throw in a couple boards each and enough beer for a small village.

RM: Lone wolf or training companion?

LL: I always train with a group. It makes those tough times on the water easier when somebody is cracking a joke. If you train with a group it feels like you are letting the group down if you don't push hard enough so you end up going harder. #NoosaCrew - Check it out

RM: What are you training for now?

LL: Right now? Nothing.... it’s a good feeling, haha!

My next big event will be Aussies in March.  

RM: Will you share some of your training secrets?

LL: Nothing substitutes hard work.

Every time you sleep in I’m training.

Every time you finish paddling I’m still on the water.

Every time you finish your gym set I’m still doing Chin ups.

Every time you swim I’m getting out 10 mins early because I hate swimming.

RM: Classic!

RM: Pinnacle racing moment so far?

LL: I’d say Catalina 2015 was pretty big, ISA 2015, Just 2015 in general.  At the end of the day it’s just another paddle - I don't do it for the money.

RM: Let’s talk about 2015.  You did Molokai and Catalina in the span of a month, and both races were grueling.  Where did you find the energy to come back and take out the local boys in their backyard?

LL: This year was my first time doing both races M2O and Catalina so i didn’t really have a plan, I just got home and surfed trying to find motivation to get back on the paddle board. So after not training at all for a few weeks I was back to normal and still pretty fit from the M2O prep. I didn’t have a good result at this year’s M20 - I had a mental meltdown mid channel - so I was going into Catalina a little pissed off. I guess that helped me fire on the day.

RM: This was one of the closest battles in the 40 year race history, what emotions were going through your head as you went stroke for stroke with one of your mates, Jack Bark?

LL: Any race where you go stroke for stroke and bloke for bloke is a good race, no matter the end result. For 99% of these big races (32 miles) I don’t even think about racing i just try to block out any emotion 'til I’m on the sand. At the Classic I was just stoked to paddle with Jack for 6 hours.

RM: Rumor has it you had to scratch to get the funds to come over to race Catalina; tell us how you pulled it off?

LL: Yeah, not just Catalina. This year wasn’t easy for me. My family and myself have put in everything we have just to get me to some start lines. Thanks, Mom and Dad! Prior to my Carolina/ Mexico trip I was doing any work I could to get, most of the time working 3 jobs Lifeguarding, Coaching (Under 8s to 13s at the surf club) and picking up Labour work around the town. I did work for a couple builders, bricklayers, some landscaping and even a little painting; it all helps with the training. I’m the type of guy who doesn’t organize anything.  I just turn up and go with it; so as per usual I booked a plane trip, got my race entry, and just turned up. Thanks to everyone who helped me, especially DJ!!!!

RM: You coming back next year to defend your title?

LL: I will be doing every thing I physically can to get back to the start line.

RM: Do you have a dream race you want to create?

LL: I want to get all the M2O legends - fit people like Mikey Cote, Jackson English, Eric Abbott, Jamie Mitchell vs. the current boys like me, Jack Bark, Brad Gaul, Kendrick Louis, Matt Poole and a few more and create a race in pumping channel conditions. The catch is everyone is on the same board. The board will be a 14 footer so it will be legends vs newbies and Stock vs Unlimited on a board in the middle... It’s all down to the paddler.

RM: Sponsors?

LL: Mom & Dad


Camelbak Australia & Clif Bar help me out a bit.

RM: Training Tracks: Favorite songs to train/race to?

LL: I’ll listen to anything from Green Day to Dr Dre when I paddle but my favourite beats will always be Australian hip hop. Here are a few off the list

Nose Bleed Section - Hilltop Hoods

Where am I - The Funkoars

Tomorrow - Silverchair

Love me Less - Oneday

Longview - Green Day

I can't stop - Flux Pavilion

RM: Nice work this year and thanks for the interview, champ!
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