RM 10 Q’s W/ Ultrarunner Krissy Moehl

Ultramarathoner and adventurer living life in motion

RM 10 Q’s W/ Ultrarunner Krissy Moehl

Krissy Moehl pretty much sums it up on her website with “In thirteen years of Ultrarunning I have toed the line to over 100 races, including 46 female wins, 2 outright wins and only 2 DNFs.”  But that statement in itself does not do this 36 year old athlete justice.  In 2005 she became the youngest woman to complete the Grand Slam of ultrarunning by finishing the Western States 100, the Vermont 100, the Leadville 100, and the Wasatch Front 100.  In case you were not aware, each of these 100 mile races climb and descend over 15,000 feet during the course of the race.  The Wasatch 100 Climbs over 25,000 feet alone!  She has won races with names like Mt Masochist, Where’s Waldo, HURT, and the Hardrock.  Not to mention she has run around the base of Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa - part of the 1st group to circumnavigate the 270 km route!  She took a few minutes in between a trying journey on the John Muir Trail with fellow runner Jenn Shelton and a journey to Sweden to explore the King’s Trail to tell us her story.

Krissy Moehl

Age: 36

Hometown: Bow, WA

Sponsors: Patagonia, Ultraspire, Flora Health, Pro-Tec, Julbo, First Endurance, Trail Butter

Social: Instagram.com/krissymoehl | Facebook.com/krissymoehl | Twitter.com/@krissymoehl

Website: www.krissymoehl.com

How many years have you been competing?

Ultra-Trail running - 14 years

Athlete that inspires you?

Anyone pursuing their passion.  I love to see a surfer catching waves in spite of rain.  The sparkle in a climber's eye when they talk about their "project" and use a language I struggle to understand.  A triathlete that celebrates their personal best.  Runners that give their all and it shows in salty sweat and the far-away stare.

What fuels your competitiveness?

Tough question.  I'm feeling a shift…

Weekend trip... where to? what do you bring? Your car, your gear. Itemize it!

[Kissy’s Instagram account is a virtual roadmap of where to go!]

  • Simba - my Honda Element
  • JetBoil
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • pillow (I sleep in the back of my car)
  • Ultraspire Omega
  • Trail Butter
  • First Endurance EFS flasks
  • Clif Bloks
  • water
  • First Endurance Ultragen
  • plenty of post run food yumminess
  • Running kit - Patagonia head to toe of course!
  • * three key pieces - Houdini, Beanie, gloves (you can manage a whole lot of temp ranges with these three pieces)

Lone wolf or training companion? why?

Training companions.  I love to work hard through a run and share the glory bits (an alpine lake swim, a grand vista or even a burly storm) with people that love being out there just as much as I do.  There is definitely time for the lone wolf and having the reflective time that long distance runs allow.  Really a balance between the two is ideal.

Pinnacle racing moment so far?

There are so many highlights in a 14 years of ultrarunning.  One that stands out - standing on the Hardrock with Scott Jurek after our wins in 2007.  Scott was one that helped get me into the sport.  It was beyond cool to share that moment with a mentor and friend.

What are you training for now?

Life.  I like to be ready for whatever may come.

Do you have a dream race you want to create?

I already direct it :) -  The Chuckanut 50k in Fairhaven, Washington

RM: To follow along on Krissy’s journeys, be sure to head over to her blog http://krissymoehl.com/blog/.  We wish her luck in her next race, the Run the Rut 50k race in Montana.

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