Passport Series W/ Jeremie Showa

UC Davis Triathlete

Jeremie Showa

Hometown:  San Francisco  jmshowa

RM:  What is the farthest you have traveled for an event?
In the summer of 2016, I raced Luxembourg 70.3.

RM:  How does your packing change for destination events?

My packing does not change besides using my bike box. For every race I make sure to thoroughly go through nutrition, pre-race gear, swim, bike, run, and post-race gear. 
RM:  What is your favorite destination event? Why?

I have only competed in one race outside the country in Luxembourg and is by far my favorite. The beautiful country roads and running trails in the forest are a lot of fun to explore. However, the weather in Luxembourg felt heavy and rained a lot during my stay. The location of the race was convenient for my grandparents from France to attend the race. The race overall race experience was amazing. 
RM:  Sponsors? Who are they and how do they help with destinations events?

A cycling shop called Apex Cycles in Davis helps me a lot. I am able to bring my bike in to work on anytime. Also, I am able to receive employee discounts, which is a huge bonus when ordering nutrition or gear. 
RM:  What is the toughest destination event you have participated in? Why?

Wildflower Long Course is by far the toughest race I participated in. As a freshman this was my first distance longer than an Olympic triathlon. The weather was hot and dry and the hills were brutal. Cramped with 4 miles left on the run, but was still able to finish first in my age group. 
RM:  Did anything get weird, odd or sketchy on that adventure?

Near mile 9 or 10 of the run. There is a strip of nude people cheering us on. The support is great! 
RM:  Do you have a dream race you want to race in? 
What makes it so desirable?
Any race in Hawaii would be nice. Because it’s Hawaii! Nice hikes. Nice beaches. Warm weather. Yummy food. A place to relax after a hard race. 
RM:  Training secrets for Destination Events? 
Care to share?
Besides getting to the race 3 or 4 days before the race. Nope. 
Training Tracks: 

Kiss from a Rose 
Hollaback girl 
Are you gonna be my girl 
Freedom! ’90 
American Idiot 

Photo Credit:  Jorts Sports Photography
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