RaceMill Collegiate: Maddie Hirsch of Texas A&M Triathlon

Winning is the best feeling

Hometown: College Station, TX

School: Texas A&M University

Sport: Triathlon




RM:  How did you find your sport of choice?

I swam competitively since the age of 8 and when I got to college and decided not to swim any longer, I didn't want to let all my hard work in swimming go to waste! I also had always liked running, but never really got to get into it because of swimming. My dad has also been cycling for many years, so he helped me with picking that up.

RM:  What drives your competitiveness?

Winning is probably one of the best feelings in my opinion. I always feel like I'm on top of the world when I race really well. I also really don't like getting beat! I will push my body farther than I think it can go and do everything I can before let someone pass me up.

RM:  Athlete that inspires you? Why?

I honestly can't pick one athlete. I'd say all my teammates truly drive me to push and better myself every day. They're all such dedicated athletes and inspire me to be the same way! When I see someone really working hard during practice, I can't help but do the same.

RM:  How many years have you been competing?

Almost 2 years!

RM:  Perfect weekend workout trip... where to? what do you bring? Itemize it! Tell us why it's in your car and why we need it.

I always love a good ride on my road bike! And nothing beats a swim somewhere with sweet scenery! I'd probably say a weekend trip to Austin then! Wake up early and get a good ride in followed by a easy swim at Barton Springs, lay out for awhile and then hit up HopDoddy's Burger Bar on South Congress for dinner and shopping! I'd have to pack my yellow Specialized road bike, Honey, some Rudy Project sunglasses, my Jolyn swimsuit for Barton Springs, a couple of good drinks & snacks and then some cute clothes for the evening!

RM:  Group Training or do you prefer solitude? why?

I feel like I need both! Sometimes a solo ride is exactly what I need! I like to escape for a bit and just be alone with my thoughts on some days. However, nothing can beat a fun track or swim practice! I love being pushed by my teammates because I feel like that's when I truly find out where my limits are. Plus, no one wants to do those weekend long rides/runs by themselves! Having someone cracking jokes next to you always makes things better.

RM:  Best result so far?

Try Andy's Tri 2014

The swim was okay, but I have never had such a great bike and run split! It was so flat and I just flew!

RM:  What are you working on right now?

Mostly working on my run currently. I had a marathon March 1st, so now that I have a decent base, I am really focusing on getting my speed up. I can get ahead in the swim, hold my own on the bike, but then once I hit the run, I struggle pretty hard. Not for long though!

RM:  What are you training for now?

NATIONALS! It's all I've been thinking about for the past couple of months! However, I haven't figured out which races I'll be doing in the summer yet, but I think I want to try some open water races or trail runs! Definitely considering USAT Age Group Nationals in Wisconsin though.

RM:  Training secrets? Care to share?

It's honestly simple: just follow the plan. My coach for swimming programmed me to just follow what he says and trust his judgement. Even with triathlon, this hasn't steered me wrong. If you have a coach writing you workouts, you should trust their judgement and follow what they say. If they truly know what they're doing and y'all communicate frequently on how things are going, I feel like you can't go wrong.

RM:  Do you have a dream race you want to create?

Any race with a longer swim! All swims are way too short!

Training Tracks

1. "Toca Toca" by Fly Project

2. "Want to Want Me" by Jason Derulo

3. "C'Mon" by Ke$ha

4. "Time of Our Lives" by Pitbull, Ne-Yo

5. "Heaven (featuring Do)" by DJ Sammy, Do

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