RaceMill Collegiate: Michael Arishita of Texas A&M Triathlon

No secrets! Just hard work!

Sport: Triathlon




RM:  How did you find your sport of choice?

MA:  Injuries and bad races revealed triathlon to me. A sport where i would later find way more love and success. Funny how things work like that.

RM:  Athlete that inspires you? Why?

MA:  My teammates. Especially the younger ones. Seeing the new athletes test their limits and utterly destroy themselves trying to break new barriers makes me believe that i can do the same thing with my goals. These people are my best friends. They believe in me more than anyone else. I'm inspired to be the person they think I am. All the success that i have had or will have is because of them.

RM:  What drives your competitiveness?

MA:  I love this sport. I love the thrill of racing. I love this team and work harder and harder for the success of this team.

RM:  How many years have you been competing?

MA:  3rd year racing triathlon. 4 years of running prior.

RM:  Perfect weekend workout trip... where to? what do you bring? Itemize it! Tell us why it's in your car and why we need it.

MA:  Renting a house on the lake with the whole team has been our Go-to training camp/weekend adventure with Texas A&M. Train hard. And hangout and have fun the rest of the weekend. Bike. Wetsuits. Running shoes. Volleyball. Kayak. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

RM:  Group Training or do you prefer solitude? why?

MA:  You got to have both. Training with a group of your best friends is the highlight of every day. It pushes me harder, pushes them harder, and is what being a team is all about. But the long solo ride or runs are where i am reminded why i do what i do. I reflect on where i have been, and where i hope to be. I have a list of people who have beaten me and say the names in my head.

RM:  Best result so far?

MA:  New Orleans Olympic Triathlon: swim prime, bike prime, run prime

March 2015


1st place

RM:  What are you working on right now?

MA:  Trying to keeping working on swimming. Trying to feel like a swimmer. Even learning how to swim butterfly right now...

RM:  What are you training for now?

MA:  Collegiate Nationals 2015

RM:  Training secrets? Care to share?

MA:  There is no secret. There is no short cut. Its the hardest working athlete that wins. Talented swimmers are balanced out by talented runners. But i think most importantly,  trust your coach. My coach, Greg Mueller, always reminds me to “Trust in the plan” after bad workouts or races. And after great workouts iv been reminded “why are you surprised? I told you this would happen”. It takes the weight off me knowing he knows whats going on.  Its also all the stuff between the workouts. Its the early nights, eating healthy, extra drills and strength work, focusing on recovery, and all the other sacrifices you make that get you that 2% gain over your competitors. And when the big race comes around you’re going to be wanting that 2%.

RM:  Do you have a dream race you want to create?

MA:  Literally a dream race. But i had a dream about this triathlon that was at an intergalactic space station. There was a giant floating body of water where we swam. Then the bike course was basically Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64. And the run was on this winding road inside the bike course. Everything was under the stars and the all the fastest athletes in the world were there. I woke up feeling depressed that i would never live to see this day happen.

RM:  Training Tracks:

1. Love me Like you do

2. Heaven

3. Worth it

4. Dedication to my Ex

5. Decisions

Find Nut and Dont Tella on Spotify ;)

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