RaceMill Collegiate: Nick Noone of Boulder Tri

The purist. Nothing muffles his competitive drive.

Hometown Parker

School CU Boulder

Sport Triathlon

Facebook.com/ Nick Noone

Instagram.com/ @itsafternoone

RM:  How did you find your sport of choice?

NN:  My Dad was a professional cyclist in his twenties and had me on a bike as soon as I could walk.  I started swimming and running in middle school, and triathlon was sort of a natural progression.  I did my first real triathlon as a freshman in High School and was hooked.

RM:  What drives your competitiveness?

NN:  I enjoy personal challenges but, since joining the triathlon team at CU I've derived much of my competitive drive from my friends and teammates.  Seeing how hard they work day in and day out and knowing they're on the course as well, giving it 110%, is a big source of inspiration for me.

RM:  Athlete that inspires you? Why?

NN:  Rodolphe Von Berg.  Rudy and I are roommates and seeing his dedication to the sport is incredible.  It will be 5 degrees below zero and snowing and Rudy is up at 6 am for his morning swim set (in an outdoor pool), or pouring rain and he is walking in the door back from a 3 hour ride.  Seeing him have big results at races is neat when you know how much work was involved.  Having a close up look at what it takes to be a successful as a triathlete at that level is really cool.

RM:  How many years have you been competing?

NN:  6 years in triathlon, a few more if you include running and swimming.

RM:  Perfect weekend workout trip... where to? what do you bring? Itemize it! Tell us why it's in your car and why we need it.

NN:  Quick drive up to Crested Butte with the guys.  It is a camping/mountain bike-palooza.  Wake up, suck down a whole french press with some fresh beans from First Ascent Coffee Roasters in town, ride bikes on dirt until late afternoon, go for a quick run, and finish off the day roasting some hot dogs over a fire or a burrito from Teocali Tamale.  In the car are the bare essentials: a camp stove, some camp hammocks, mountain bikes and the necessary gear, etc.

RM:  Group Training or do you prefer solitude? why?

NN:  Depends on the size of the group, and duration of the set.  I love the team long rides when we roll out of town with 30-60 people for 4 hours of riding.  If its a shorter workout I like going alone or with 1 or 2 other guys from the team.

RM:  Best result so far?

NN:  I had a few good results in my last year as a junior on the USAT draft-legal circuit, but my favorite result so far was being a part of, and getting to contribute to, the 2014 Collegiate National Championship team.  It was a super close-knit group and standing on the podium with some of my best friends was something I will never forget.

RM:  What are you working on right now?

NN:  Mostly math...but on an athletic front I am just trying to maintain a solid level of fitness with a busy schedule.

RM:  What are you training for now?

NN:  2015 Collegiate Nationals in Clemson, SC

RM:  Training secrets? Care to share?

NN:  My commuter bike got stolen on the first day of the semester and I have been walking everywhere since.  I can't prove it but I think the hour or so of walking I have been doing a day has contributed to fitness more than i expected.

RM:  Do you have a dream race you want to create?

NN:  I like going downhill on mountain bikes, so if their would be a way to combine the enduro movement in mountain biking (timed mostly downhill segments) with some open water swimming and a really hilly trail run (ideally this trail run is actually just summiting a peak, preferably above 13000 ft, and coming back down) I think that would neat.

Training Tracks:

NN:  I never train with music.  I do listen to audiobooks on longer trainer rides and when I walk places.  I listen to a nice mix of The Beatles and Toots and The Maytals when studying.
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