UC Davis Triathlete

Simone Federici
:  San Diego
:  UC Davis
:  Triathlon

How did you find your sport of choice?

I ran cross county and track in high school, but got pretty burnt out by the end. Little to no PR's and some tired legs prompted my search for something to keep up the active lifestyle I was used to. My high school coach recommended triathlons, so when I found out that Davis had a team I joined right away and never looked back!

What drives your competitiveness?

I would say my competitiveness comes from my desire for self-improvement in all aspects of my life. I know I am never going to be good at everything, so it's important to me to prioritize and then focus my energy on the things that make me happiest- like be physically fit and sharing this kind of lifestyle with people I love.

Athlete that inspires you? Why?

My high school cross country coach. An amazing athlete, coach, mentor and friend. He would tell me during races to,  "Go to that other place," and for a few years I was convinced that he was just pulling words out of thin air with the hope that I would be so confused that I might actually be inspired. It clicked one race in high school. If you asked me to explain it to you now I wouldn't even know where to start. When you go there you just know. Also, Gwen Jorgensen, for her dedication and humility, but at this point it's kinda like saying the Patriots are your favorite NFL team.

How many years have you been competing?

This will be my 4th year competing in collegiate triathlons and I've never been more excited.

Perfect weekend workout trip... where to? what do you bring? Itemize it! Tell us why it's in your car and why we need it.

Where to: Tahoe!!! 
Workout: Swim in the lake, go for a ~50 mile ride, and then the next day (after some acclimation) hit the trails and go for a 8-10 mile trail run. 
Bringing: Friends (make everything better), aux cord/speaker (to drop dem beats), Trader Joe's World's Puffiest White Cheddar Corn Puffs (no this is not product placement), disposable camera (because we all know those pictures are cooler), hiking boots (because I would have to fit in a hike somewhere).

Group Training or do you prefer solitude? why?

Group training hands down for swimming and cycling. Running I go back and forth. I love running with people (especially for harder workouts), but sometimes solo runs are the medicine I need. Plus you can shamelessly stop and walk haha.

Best result so far?

3rd place at UCLA's 2015 IronBruin. All about those short pool swims.

What are you working on right now?

Working on eating my mac n cheese. Aside from that I'm trying to balance life, be a good team president, make the most out of senior year and figure out what I want to do after college....

What are you training for now?

Well, the next race I'll be doing is UCSD's Tritonman, but the end goal is Collegiate Club Nations in April.

Training secrets? Care to share?

Train with people who are faster than you, especially on the bike. Get behind someone and hang onto their back wheel for dear life. Train with other people you like, and remember: it's the rider not the bike (to some extent).

Do you have a dream race you want to create?

Hahaha let's go with a 300 meter pool swim, 25 mile bike (mostly flats with some rolling hills) and a 5 mile trail run. Also it would be somewhere awesome like Tahoe or Costa Rica and there would be EDM playing everywhere and they would hand out Red Bull and at the end there would be puppies.

Training Tracks: Favorite songs to train/race to? Minimum of 5 please!
Oh gosh. How am I supposed to narrow this down. Here we go: 
1) 'Til I Collapse - Eminem 
2) Ah Yeah So What - Will Sparks, Wiley, Elen Levon 
3) Tronco - Danny Avila 
4) Gettin' Over You  - David Guetta 
5) Rambo - Hardwell Edit, Deorro, J-Trick 
6) Dare You - Hardwell 
7) Fireproof - Coleman Hell 
8) Under Control - Calvin Harris 
9) Back 2 U - Steve Aoki

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