RaceMill Passport Series: Tyler Rodgers

Collegiate Triathlete

Our Passport Series looks to feature athletes as they travel to competitions.  Highlighting the complexities, logistics, hardships and fun inherent in traveling with all of your gear.  This installment is with Triathlete Tyler Rodgers of Saddleback College as he returns from a USAT Collegiate Nationals having placed 7th overall .

We hope you enjoy!

Birth Date:  September 1 1992

Hometown:  Trabuco Canyon

Facebook.com/ joeltylerrodgers

Twitter.com/ RodgersJT

Instagram.com/ RodgersJT

RM:  What is the farthest you have traveled for an event?

TR:  I would have to say Clemson, South Carolina for USAT Collegiate Nationals this past weekend.

RM:  How does your packing change for destination events?

TR:  Well, for this far away race I had to pack a lot more gear in case if it rains. It did rain so I am glad I did that! Also, I dropped out of the draft-legal race because I could not afford to ship two bikes all the way too Clemson and back. My collegiate team does not get any funding to help with travel. Some flights charge $200 each way for a bike so I went with Race day Transport for this race and highly recommend them.  

RM:  What is your favorite destination event? Why?

TR:  Collegiate Nationals. The atmosphere is unlike any other race. There is usually around 1400 athletes and over 120 schools that show up to race. Teams do crazy cheers, and the course always has a few sections with hundreds of college athletes, coaches, and spectators all screaming their heads off as I ride/run by them. It is unbelievable how loud it gets. Everyone is very friendly after as well.

RM:  Sponsors? Who are they and how do they help with destinations events?

TR:  Off The Front Multisport is a U25 elite development team that I am on. They greatly help me with travel expenses and help me get to and from races. Without them I would not be racing nearly as much. It is also awesome to have some teammates out on the course at almost any race I do. Another team, swimoutlet.com triathlon team is helping me out a lot too. Roka wetsuit, Specialized bicycles are a big help as well.

RM:  What is the toughest destination event you have participated in? Why?

TR:  Wildflower 2014! This is not even close to any other race. The water was low so they moved the swim location 2.4 miles away from T1. We did the swim, ran up this massive boat ramp that was extremely steep, then had to proceed 2.4 miles in sand to transition before we started the legendary bike course which is extremely hilly and tough. By the time I got on the actual run which was also super hilly I was just surviving it was epic.

RM:  Did anything get weird, odd or sketchy on that adventure?

TR:  Yes, lots of naked people cheered me on, some people gave me beer toward the end of the run, it was that original triathlon culture.

RM:  Do you have a dream race you want to race in? What makes it so desirable?

TR:  Yes, the Olympics. It would be awesome because it is the best of the best from each country racing each other. Plus you have to earn your way on the team. Many wicked fast athletes do not even get to race in that race which is why it is a lot of athletes biggest dream.

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