The Road To Nationals with Cameron Djokovich

So you’re telling me there’s a chance!

  • Hometown: Laguna Niguel, CA
  • Sport / Competition: Triathlon
  • Instagram/camerond4
  • RM:  How many years have you been competing?
    About 5.  I started late in my second year at UCLA as an undergrad student and felt like I was just starting to get really hooked by the time I graduated.  I came to Chapman for law school right after finishing at UCLA, and after getting through my first year here, I was lucky enough to be able to continue racing as a one-man-team.
  • RM:  What have been some of the craziest things you have witnessed while training, competing or traveling?
    Oh man, there are a lot of good ones.  This one time while still at UCLA I was riding out on PCH in Malibu and I broke my chain.  I was about 25 miles away from school and didn’t want anyone to drive all the way out there for me, so I sat on the shoulder and tried to hitch my way back.  After a couple minutes, this guy rode up to me and asked if he could help.  I immediately knew he was someone famous, but I couldn’t come up with a name because he looked so unfamiliar in real life and with a cycling kit on.  I didn’t say anything about it though because I was so startled, and after I explained what happened and he realized he couldn’t help, he rode away.  Right after he left it hit me – Patrick Dempsey!  Dr. McDreamy himself!

  • RM:  What fuels your competitiveness? What color do you feel the fastest in?
    I’m primarily fueled by burritos.  Some other good motivators are: Kobe; the fear of getting dropped by all these young guns over at UCLA; knowing I’m not the best in the world yet; and a desire to get outside and breath a little bit before or after a long day at the desk.
  • RM:  How has your approach changed from the beginning of the season to the end to make you a better at each stage as you head to nationals?
    The idea is always to build up a big mound of base with lots of strength and volume early and whittle that away into some speed when I start getting into the interesting part of the season.  However, the way it always seems to play out is stringing together as many quick workouts as possible until they collectively resemble something decent.
  • RM:  What is your goal as you head to nationals? First out of the water? Top 10? Best split?
    I’m hoping to finally dip under 16 for the swim and get back on run form with a high 27 or low 28.  If that doesn’t work out though I’d be happy with a nice, solid bike.
  • RM:  How are you feeling? Did you have any injuries you had to over come? Are you peaking at the right time?
    I’m feeling like this is my last Nationals ever, and even with all the injuries and studying that have gotten in the way this season, I’m hoping I can just go out and put together an awesome race and have a great time soaking everything in.  And I probably won't peak for years...
  • RM:  What is your long view? Where do you see yourself in a few years? Still competing? Working professionals?
    I’m graduating this year, so hopefully I’ll land a job somewhere soon - just have to pass the bar exam first.  I’m planning on racing forever though.
  • RM:  When you think about Nationals... what gets you the most excited? The most anxious? Instills the most concern?
    The most exciting thing is just anticipating the whole atmosphere.  It’s always a great time and I’m looking forward to spending an awesome weekend down south with some good friends.  I’m anxious about putting together a good Snapchat story.
  • RM:  Training secrets? Care to share? Favorite quote?
    Training secret: do some cardio.

  • Favorite quotes: “So you’re telling me there’s a chance” – Lloyd Christmas (Dumb and Dumber)

  • “There can only be one” – Brady O’Bryan
  • RM:  What do you geek out on besides Triathlon?
    Mostly magic tricks, GameBoy, Lego, and HGTV.
  • RM:  Do you have a dream race you want to create?
    Alright here it is: Olympic distance race – start with an ocean swim, preferably in 5’+ surf, consisting of three 500m loops with an entrance and exit through the waves on each loop – bonus points awarded for getting pitted bodysurfing.  The bike starts with a 10k – 15k loop through the mountains with some heavy climbing and fast descents, then back down onto a super flat road for a straight up hammerfest out-and-back for the rest of the bike.  The run would be on secluded trails for 5k, and then the final kilometer would be on the track in a stadium, which would of course be packed with screaming fans.
  • Training Tracks: Favorite songs to train/race to?
    I never train with music – it distracts me from keeping an accurate count of my heartbeats, breaths, and footsteps/pedal rotations/strokes while working out, which everyone knows is crucial data.

  • There's nothing wrong with a good party time pump-up playlist to get me out the door though:
    "Trying" - Bully
    "Waitress" - Hop Along
    "Ghosts" - Made in Heights
    "Barely Legal" - The Strokes
    "Dirt" - WU LYF
    "Hard in Da Paint" (clean, obviously) - Waka Flocka
    "The Climb" - Miley Cyrus
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