The Road to Nationals with Colin Chapman

Peaking for Nationals

  • Hometown: Los Angeles
  • Sport / Competition:  Triathlon/Collegiate National Championships in Clemson, SC
  • RM:  How many years have you been competing?
  • RM:  What have been some of the craziest things you have witnessed while training, competing or traveling?
    The incredible beauty of Malibu canyon as our team trains by riding our bikes up the 3,000 meter climb and we get awarded with an excellent view of the coast.
  • RM:  What fuels your competitiveness? What color do you feel the fastest in?
    I enjoy every sport involved with triathlon. I'm competitive more because I want to do my best than to beat anyone in particular. I feel fastest in red.
  • RM:  How has your approach changed from the beginning of the season to the end to make you a better at each stage as you head to nationals?
    In the beginning I was less self-motivated to go beyond the prescribed team workouts. Now I am going beyond them almost every day.
  • RM:  What is your goal as you head to nationals? First out of the water? Top 10? Best split?
    Best Bike/Run combined split for the team.
  • RM:  How are you feeling? Did you have any injuries you had to over come? Are you peaking at the right time?
    I'm feeling great. I've peaked at the right time and I'm ready to excel at Nationals.
  • RM:  What is your long view? Where do you see yourself in a few years? Still competing? Working professionals?
    I will be working professionally as an engineer but still competing in triathlons.
  • RM:  When you think about Nationals... what gets you the most excited? The most anxious? Instills the most concern?
    I am most excited about the environment and the presence of other schools from around the country all united together by one sport. I am most concerned and anxious about not being able to put my best into the race; for instance, if I got a flat tire or miscounted my laps on the course.
  • RM:  What equipment changes have you made through the year and most importantly as you head to Nationals?
    None.  Zero. I got it locked.
  • RM:  What do you geek out on besides Triathlon?
    Game of Thrones
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