Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals: Texas A&M

Healthy and ready to rumble!

Answers from: Lauren Lewis

Texas A&M Triathlon Team Vice President

RM:  How is the field looking for this years event?

LL:  Collegiate Nationals is always a super stacked event. Many of the top contenders are professionals and former NCAA athletes, which always leads to a fast and furious race.

RM:  What has been the mantra for this year?  Where is that established? Pre-Season Camp?

LL:  The mantra for this year has been “top 5,” which is based on our team goal of placing in the top 5 at Nationals. We had a “get hyped for nationals” team meeting where we analyzed what we had to do to achieve this goal.

RM:  How important is the team concept in each event?  How is that communicated to the Club?

LL:  Although triathlon is an individual sport, we are racing together to achieve a team win. Our team does a great job of supporting each during training sessions and races. We try and help everyone accomplish their goal whether it is to complete an Olympic distance triathlon or to win a national championship.

RM:  How has the growing success of Collegiate Triathlon impacted your program?  New opportunities?

LL:  We have been fortunate enough to receive inquiries from high school and transfer students about joining our triathlon program at Texas A&M. The collegiate triathlon scene is a great opportunity for high school students who want to continue to compete in sports and satisfy their competitive spirit in a fun environment.

RM:  How is the health of the team leading up to Nationals?  

LL:  Everyone is in good health and ready to rumble!

RM:  What was the key moment for the team this season?

LL:  Earlier this season, we had a meeting to organize our game plan to achieve our goal of placing top 5 as a team at Nationals. This really got the team pumped to train hard and race fast.

RM:  Considering your home base, do you foresee any issues or complications with the venue in Clemson, S.C.?

LL:  Coming from Texas, it’s a long drive but we are excited to get to Clemson and race. We did hear that the original color run 5K is taking place at the same time. We are hoping we don’t accidentally end up getting colored during our race ;-)

RM:  Which event does your athletes most look forward to and why?  Olympic, Mixed Team Relay

LL:  Mixed Team Relay. It’s a very short and intense race. Everyone is already hurting from the two previous races but they still manage to throw down some intense efforts in order to nab the win and earn money for their team.

RM:  Do you prefer draft-legal racing to non-draft? Why?

LL:  No preference here, both are exciting and involve fast racing.

RM:  Any special "Thank You's" you would like to make for all those that helped this season?

LL:  Our team would like to thank TAMU Sport clubs for all of their support this year.

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