My Favorite

I've been comparing smoothie recipes with a few friends, and I just thought I'd post ingredients for my ultimate YUMMY smoothie. Matt and I both look forward to starting our day with this delicious treat...I promise you will be more than satisfied :)

Serves 2

1 Cup fresh strawberries
1 Cup frozen or fresh blueberries
1 Banana
1/2 Cup organic OJ
1/2 Cup almond milk
1/2 Cup lowfat milk (or do full cup almond milk if vegan)
Protien powder - my favorite is Biochem Vanilla (Whole Foods, Mother's Market)
1 tbsp coconut butter (NOT oil - it comes in a jar similar to peanut butter, avail @ Whole Foods, Mother's)

2 tbsp of Flax Oil
2 tsp of Spirulina - superfood full of antioxidents, like eating multiple servings of veggies

Optional but GREAT for super nutrition:
1 Cup frozen broccoli
1 Cup fresh spinach

The coconut butter & flax oil create a super creamy & yummy texture. I blend for at least 30 sec - 1 min to really get everything mixed with no chunks. You can't taste the veggies at all - they just change the texture a bit, and you can expect a funky-looking green drink...but it's so tasty!

Also - the protein powder makes a big difference, so even though Biochem is not cheap, it's totally worth it - the best quality - type of protein and high concentration with lower calories. And it tastes the best!!

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