Spring Workout

What to do in the new year!

If your new year’s resolution is to get fit and healthy in 2015, then look towards spring for some of the best exercise ideas. With the weather getting warmer it may be a littler easier to simply go for a jog, but we’ve put together some great hints and tips to help you shed those winter pounds.

The first thing to remember though is to never jump into a high intense workout, as you are more likely to fall off the wagon. Take it slow and build up your intensity levels until you are able to do these exercises daily, and you’ll find that you’re fitter in no time.

Home exercise DVDs
If you want to start at your own pace then home exercise DVDs are for you. You can find a wide range of exercise DVDs - some featuring your favourite soap star or favorite music.  But before buying hundreds of DVDs that will sit and gather dust, work out a time-table, do some research first. Websites like XLS Medical offer you a quick BMI checker which will let you know how much weight you need to lose to be fit and healthy: Remember, the scales aren’t always the most important thing.  There are plenty of exercise DVDs that offer “10 minute workouts” perfect for people who have only a few minutes to spare each day. Check out the reviews before you purchase though, as with all things, some are significantly better than others.

Swimming is the best exercise for toning up your whole body as you are working almost every muscle you have. If your swimming skills leave much to be desired then perhaps try water aerobics.  As you’ll be under water and essentially ‘weightless’, it will be much easier to do simple exercises such as squats and crunches. S wimming is also a great way to recover from impact related injuries.  Just try swimming 4 laps without stopping and then taking a 20 second rest before you repeat.  You can easily work up to 10 - 4 lap sets and keep an eye on the clock to see if you are getting faster.  As you improve, cut the rest to 10 seconds between laps.  As for gear, just find a simple bathing suit or some jammers, a pair of goggles, and head out to your local pool.  Many pools offer masters swim teams for the serious athletes, and this is a great way to be motivated and committed to getting faster in the water - plus the camaraderie is always a help.

Although the excuses can tend to pile up for why you weren't able to get outside for a workout, jogging is about the easiest thing you can do to burn some calories, improve your endurance, and get the endorphins flowing.  The great thing about jogging is all it takes is a decent pair of running shoes and 20 minutes.  If you are close to the beach, you don't even need the shoes to get out there and you can always wade out afterward to cool off those tired muscles.  If running seems like a chore, just getting out for a good walk to start or end your day will help beat stress, feel good, and get the blood flowing.

The key is just getting started.  Set some achievable goals, be consistent, and you're on your way to fitness.
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